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Subas Chandra Dhakal

Executive Director

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Nepal Environment Protection Center (NEPC) is a non- governmental, non-profit making organization registered under the Institution Registration Act- 1978 in July 1993. It is dedicated to uplift the socio-economic condition of the poor and disadvantaged section of the society by designing
various income/employment generating activities augmenting participatory process ensuring good
governance in development juncture. NEPC intends to establish cordial relationship with various
national and international, government and non-governmental, bi-lateral and multilateral
organizations and coordinate its program with relevant government line agencies working in the
project areas in cost and time-effective manner.
NEPC has so far completed more than four dozen of projects of the sectors viz. research and studies/
monitoring and evaluation/ baseline studies, training, project service and management, gender and
social inclusion and social mobilization. The discipline covered included agriculture, livestock, dairy,
forestry, energy, water supply and sanitation, natural resource management, management information
system and cooperative. Entrepreneurship and enterprise development has been interlinked in every
project anchoring livelihood in each discipline.

Livelihood with Sustainable Environment and governance


  • Provide support services to local bodies, communities on sectors like agriculture, health,
    sanitation, nutrition, cottage industries, forestry and alternative energy, and encourage them to
    undertake feasible and appropriate enterprises.
  • Launch awareness campaign on various issues of ecological and environmental degradation
    as a consequences of poverty and development and assist them to conserve local resources for
    livelihood support.
  • Identify and plan various local development programs that protect existing ecology and
    environment and to implement them in participatory manner.
  • Conduct training, research studies etc in such sectors as sustainable agriculture, forestry,
    alternative energy source/technology, public health, nutrition, engineering etc with greater
    focus on gender issues, environmental balance and sustainability.
  • Coordinate with national and international government and non-governmental organizations
    in development juncture.

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Nepal Environment Protection Center (NEPC) is a non-governmental, non-profit-making organization registered under the Institution Registration Act- 1978 in July 1993.



NEPC primarily focuses on implementing efficient and effective programs aimed at protecting ecology, environment, and citizen’s rights acknolwdging good governance and making the people self-reliant on basic services.

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Tools to be used to achieve NEPC’s goal include good governance, action research, social mobiolization and extracting opportunities created by infrastructural previlance around