Our Clients


Subas Chandra Dhakal

Executive Director

Our Client

  1. National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Nepal

  2. National Planning Commission- UNDP, Nepal

  3. Department of Health Service (DoHS), Nepal

  4. Department of Agriculture (DoA), Nepal

  5. Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)

  6. Secretariat of Local Bodies Fiscal Commission (LBFC), Nepal

  7. Ministry of Federal Affaire and Local Government- LGCDP, GESI Unit

  8. National Agriculture Research and Development Fund (NARDF)

  9. Regional Monitoring and Supervision Office, Kathmandu, Department of Water Supply and Sewerage

  10. Department of Livestock Services (DoLS)

  11. Ministry of Agriculture Development (MOAD)- PACT, PRIST, HVAP

  12. Environment Protection Fund Secretariat, Ministry of Population and Environment

  13. District Development Committee (DDC), Kathmandu

  14. Gaur Municipality, Nepal

  15. Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, Nepal

  16. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSB), Nepal

  17. WaterAid Nepal

  18. CCS Italy, Nepal

  19. Swiss Development Corporation Nepal – SSMP, NASDP

  20. Nepal Market Development Programme-SAMARTH, Nepal-NDDB Nepal

  21. Oxfam, Nepal

  22. World Vision Advocacy Forum, Nepal

  23. Shree Laliguras Multipurpose Cooperative Limited

  24. Tanahun Milk Producer’s Cooperative Union (TMPCU)

Recent Notices


Nepal Environment Protection Center (NEPC) is a non-governmental, non-profit-making organization registered under the Institution Registration Act- 1978 in July 1993.



NEPC primarily focuses on implementing efficient and effective programs aimed at protecting ecology, environment, and citizen’s rights acknolwdging good governance and making the people self-reliant on basic services.

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Tools to be used to achieve NEPC’s goal include good governance, action research, social mobiolization and extracting opportunities created by infrastructural previlance around